Almost Ready

Almost Ready was chosen as the 1st Place Winner of Nikon Corporation's "Everyday Cinema Contest," a national competition for short films. The theme of the contest was to transform an ordinary moment into "120 seconds of extraordinary."


"Rivera" is a short film shot impromptu in one frantic hour before I had to fly out of San Francisco.

My friends and I were eating breakfast trying to decide what we could see in SF before my 12:30pm flight and came up with the idea to shoot a short film. I didn't bring any video equipment on my trip except a DSLR and small voice recorder with the intention of taking only travel photos. Luckily, we were able to make that work.

Because of the airport deadline, there was no time for multiple takes, and the plot came together as we went. It was a rigorous pace that made for a very fun and challenging filmmaking experience, from impromptu conceptualization to editing. Thanks to my wonderful actors for their hard work and for driving me to the airport afterwards!